Fine5 Dance Theater´s International Cooperation Project RAZDEDAUCH will perform at the Tampere Dance Festival Tanssivirtaa

On May 25th at 7 p.m., RAZDEDAUCH, a joint project of choreographers from seven countries, will be performed in the Tanssivirtaa (Dance Current) festival in Tampere. RAZDEDAUCH was created within the framework of the Creative Europe supported project “Bet – Body, Experience, Time Through 45+ Dancers”. Dance artists and dance institutions from Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Norway, Sweden, England and Estonia are participating in the project, and the lead partners are the Fine5 Dance Theater from Estonia, the Party from Latvia and Stellar Dansteater from Norway.

The manifestation of the dance artists that created the production is that dancing is a lifelong creation, learning and activity. The theme of the project is meaningful in many ways: participants were interested in the boundaries within and around us, restrictions as barriers and catalysts, as well as the perception of body capability through the perception of breathing processes and presence. RAZDEDAUCH opens up the uniqueness of the participants while generalizing the similarities of the dance artists who participated in the production. Against the backdrop of events in the world, this creative process has been a thought journey from the human soul, the nature of its boundaries and the need for understanding and physical intimacy in a world.

Tanssivirta also presents the works and collaborative projects of experienced international choreographers alongside the remarkable productions of Finnish dance art.

The festival takes place on May 25–31.

The production is attended by: Olga Zitluhina, Ramona Galkina and Vilnis Birinš from Latvia, Goda Laurinavičiūtė from Lithuania, Virpi Juntti and Oleg Ostanin from Finland, Fiona Millward from the United Kingdom, Toby Gunn from Sweden, Solveig Lenan-Hermo and Nikolai Schchetnev from Norway and Tiina Ollesk and Renee Nõmmik from Estonia.

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The premiere of Razdedauch was held on April 1, 2022, in Sakala3 Theater House in Tallinn in cooperation with Hans Gunther Lock, Gerhard Lock, Ando Richter.

The title of the production RAZDEDAUCH comes from a real event: during the gala concert TV transmission in Latvia, the announcer unexpectedly read “Razdedauch” instead of “Pas De Deux”. For the production team, this humorous language mistake was a source of inspiration for interpreting the image of dance art in both international teamwork and society more broadly.

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Creative Europe, the Estonian Ministry of Culture, the City of Tallinn, the Latvian Ministry of Culture, the TansitiTtery MD (Tampere, Finland), Hammerfest Commune (Norway), Nordic Culture Point, Arts Promotion Center Finland.