Estonian Dance Council

Photo: Juri Seredenko

Estonian Dance Council (EDC) brings together the unions, associations, vocational schools, universities and performance centers that support, enable and empower the Estonian dance field.

EDC has two primary goals we wish to ensure in Estonia:

  • comprehensive development of the Estonian dance field as an independent and recognized part of the Estonian cultural scene;
  • people who create and work in this field are professional, deservedly paid and recognized.

Photo: Aleksandra Kiidjärv

Estonian dance field is a holistically functioning system integrating

hobby, vocational and higher education

guidance of new talent into the field as dance teachers, dance artists, dancers, writers and organisers

dance art

dance creation and performance activities

organising dance life

inner and outer communication and guarantees visibility in society

EDC makes sure that the outcomes of different decision making processes facilitate the integrity of the dance field.

Main activites of Estonian Dance Council


  • communication and cooperation between members, awareness of developments regarding dance field on the organisational and national levels;


  • tackling topics and finding solutions in the dance field, communication with different ministries, local government offices and organisations;


  • safeguarding and leading the development of Estonian dance life;


  • participating in creation processes of development plans regarding dance and movement and providing expertise in the formation of political decisions;


  • increasing the awareness and value of dance in society in its multiple and diverse forms of manifestation.


MTÜ Eesti Tantsunõukogu

Address: Hobujaama tn 12/Narva mnt 9E, Tallinn 10151
Registration code: 80636829
Account number: EE637700771010039112


Become a member

The applicant must acknowledge the statutes of the Estonian Dance Council and send a completed membership application to