A Swarm of Stars

The production takes its viewer on a journey through eternal space-time by conveying poetic images through dance and music. Instead of telling a story, “A Swarm of Stars” makes your heart flutter and your thoughts run wild. Love, in its many forms, is what remains. Contemporary dance meets an enchanting heritage, creating a magical novelty where feelings, presence and emotions that allow us to carry on during difficult times are important. Something cleansing that makes you think and sparks hope. Our contemporary ovation to the land and the stars.

Heili Lindepuu


Raho Aadla, Endro Roosimäe, Joonas Tagel, Allar Valge or Willem Houck (theatre Vanemuine)


Priidu Adlas (Estonian Drama Theatre)

Lightning Designer

Vilve Maide

Choir conductor

womenchoir Emajõe Laulikud and girlschoir Kurekell


Veljo Tormis, Urmas Sisask, Hans Hindpere, Tõnu Kõrvits


June 28th 2021 in the ruins of Tartu Cathedral