Artist Walk

“Artist Walk” is the next chapter of Reskript, a platform for arts production, dedicated to artists and audiences going together on a scripted journey. An artist selects a journey and the audience member selects an artist. The journey that takes its shape in dialogue is focusing on different possibilities for conversation, compositional patterns, and on mindful space-time. The scripts which offer an introduction, a junction or an ending for the festival day are developed by Reskript in collaboration with the artists.

Reskript, a platform for shifting the social rituals of culture (founded by Maarin Mürk and Henri Hütt), is continuously expanding its scope. It has moved from bringing performativity to openings, discussions, and presentations to setting up guided tours to Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia’s collections, adding experimental ideas of what and how to collect and 180 collection specialists to the museum. The format „Artist Walk“, connecting artists and art lovers, serves as the third major chapter in the activity of Reskript.

Reskript, a platform for arts production (Henri Hütt, Maarin Mürk), Evelyn Raudsepp as guest




Premiere: 12.08.2021, SAAL Biennaal 2021


In Estonian/English