Tallinn University Baltic Film and Media school choreography curriculum deals with various aesthetics of movement from traditional to contemporary dance. During the studies, you have the opportunity to develop your creative handwriting and receive professional training as a dancer, choreographer or dance teacher and instructor. Studies involve interconnectivity and cooperation with film, music and art students.

We combine critical thinking and the development of experimental skills in dance research and practice-based creation. Dance art is treated in the context of cultural-historical context and creative projects are implemented that support the acquisition of theoretical and practical experiences.

Teaching takes place at the TLÜ BFM new creative house Vita, where the necessary conditions for dance teaching have been created with a Black Box, two rehearsal halls and a recreation area. Co-operation is made with other MA students and lecturers in the creative fields, such as IKUMUMU, film art, cross media and physical education.

Students have at their disposal TLÜ study center, the entire campus buildings and a library.

It is possible to continue studies in the only master’s degree in choreography in Estonia at TLÜ BFM.