Ingrid Mugu

A human is a lifelong learner. First it learns to crawl, then walk, then dance, talk and tie shoelaces. We learn how to be polite, how human relationships work, how to drive a car, how to cope in life. However, in a  success-oriented world results are expected at some point. Those who can’t show any achievements will be left behind or excluded. Why not learn to value the process again? Ingrid Mugu’s work “Burning” examines the feelings, sensations and thoughts of a person in the process of learning, as well as that “something” that motivates us, but sometimes pushes us too far, resulting in burnout.

In this piece Ingrid combines flamenco-aesthetics and canons, electroacoustic music and modern movement language. The dancer’s companion on stage is bata de cola (dress with a long train). She is a helpful partner and an antagonist, she is the tip of the mountain to cross and the abyss to fall into – perfection and imperfection hand in hand. 

The work was part of Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava’s programme PREMIERE’21.
PREMIERE is a debut series for young directors, offering a professional platform for choreographers to create their first movement-based production.

More information: https://stl.ee/en/lavastus/premiere/

Ingrid Mugu

Idea, concept, staging

Ingrid Mugu


Ingrid Mugu, FREMEN



Sound and music

Riin Maide


Chris Kirsimäe

Light design

Siret Campbell


Riina Kõverik


Kultuurkapital, Tallinn Prophouse, Radiustech Production

Supported by

50 min


2.06.2021 Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava


Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava