Choreographer Igor Lider’s dance performance “Change” invites the viewer into the exciting world of street dance. Dedicated to hip-hop culture since childhood, four male dancers bring their years of experience to the stage. Their encounter with theater and contemporary dance space creates a new and extraordinary change. 

Multi-level, modern and eloquent.

Igor Lider is a choreographer, dancer and musician who has been active as a creator for almost twenty-five years. Igor’s great love is street dancing, which has taken him to podium places at many festivals and competitions. As a choreographer, he has worked with several musicians and directed dance films.

Alexander Makarov is a dancer, dance teacher and choreographer from Valga, Estonia. Alexander has been dancing for more than twenty years, and his strengths are hip-hop and popping. He has participated in several street dance competitions and won first place.

Edgar Budza is a street dancer, choreographer and competition judge. Edgar has participated in many festivals both in Europe and Russia. In recent years, she has worked as a dance teacher.

Valerii Zaichenko is a dancer and dance teacher from Luhansk, Ukraine. As a creator, Valerii always tries to create something new, without forgetting the basic principles of dance, which is why he is very good at freestyle. He is also the winner of many street dance competitions.

DanceMENU (TantsuMENÜÜ under Estonian Dance Agency) is Estonian dance touring programme for rural communities. The purpose of DanceMENU is to bring dance to a new audience outside of the usual dance stages. 

Igor Lider

Idea, concept, staging

Igor Lider, Alexander Makarov, Edgar Budza, Valerii Zaichenko


Igor Lider, Alexander Makarov, Edgar Budza, Valerii Zaichenko


Igor Lider

Sound design

Elerin Tönne

Light design

Ruslan Stepanov


Photo and video team: Anastasiia Lider, Sofia Kusainova, Artur Kriuk

Thank you



March 3, 2023 in the theater hall of the Estonian Dance Agency (Hobujaama 12, Tallinn)