Koolitantsu Kompanii

Six young dancers explore questions about falling and failure. How do we fall and how or can we always be ready to fall? How do we get back up and how do we develop the flexibility to land sustainably and cope with falling (down)? What are the factors that increase the probability of failure and what coping mechanisms alleviate the distress associated with failure? Do the high expectations we set for ourselves help us reach our goals or do they prevent us from reaching them? What is conscious landing? Is the goal to be ready to fall or not to be afraid of falling at all? 

If I fall, who will catch me?

Eliisa Sirelpuu

Choreography, idea, concept, staging

Anett Leesment, Kadi Krikmann, Kelli Katriin Krünvald, Mirt Marleen Pevkur, Saara Lotta Krusell, Ööle Lilleorg


Priidu Adlas

Light design

Karmen Teesi Pregel


Ministry of Education and Research of the Republic of Estonia, The Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Pakenditööstus

Supported by

April 2 Festival School Dance 2023 at the regional dance day in the Pärnu Concert Hall