Changes. Changes are happening everywhere – outside of us and inside of us. Boundaries are falling, values ​​are shifting, perceptions and attitudes are changing. State borders are being strengthened and internal tolerance limits are being tested. Everyone competes with each other. The world we live in today is full of different information that wants to be the truth. How does our mind feel in this information field and how does the body react to it? How to listen and hear yourself today and adapt to the ever-changing new normality? When will our body become a reflector, information processor and battlefield of the social message?

Fine5’s production “FN” is based on short stories, insights and reflections recorded during the dancers’ isolation periods (both Covid-19 and War), supplemented by movement material created in the studio in the process of finding answers to questions. The research and creation process has been affected by the Covid19 pandemic an the isolation periods and the War.

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Renee Nõmmik with dancers

Director and choreographer

Tiina Ollesk, Olga Privis, Helen Reitsnik, Simo Kruusement, Richard Beljohin


Valentin Siltšenko and Renee Nõmmik

Music and video-visuals

Kalle Aasamäe

Costumes and sceongraphy

Ants Kurist




2020 at Vaba Lava Tallinn