For your nirvana

The future is dark, nothing is clear yet. There were dark rings under their eyes. Dark thunderclouds. It was dark outside and I couldn’t see much. River water is as dark as hard work. The mountains are darker in the foreground. They saw the future only in dark colors, ‘gloomy, unhappy, discomforting.

Karolin Poska invites you to dream in dark times with open eyes. Using body, objects, sorcery, voice, space, she tries to create consolation for the anxieties of living.

She makes her hips lie, she makes onions cry, she does things which lead nowhere – nothing is true and everything is possible. She sees forever, she waits for nirvana, hijacks, falls legs together, and longs for what the heart gets. She invites you to participate without participation. No one is forced to do anything but is gently allowed to join.

Karolin Poska is a Tallinn based choreographer, performance artist and dancer. Through her creative activities she tries to understand what it is like to be alive nowadays. She likes to play with objects, transform reality and mess with the audience’s expectations. Poska recently completed her contemporary art studies at the Estonian Academy of Arts, where she received the Young Artist Award for her final work. Her solo performance “For your nirvana” was nominated for the Dance Awards of Estonia in 2021.

Karolin Poska


Maret Tamme


Katrin Enni

Sound designer

Marko Odar


Kaie Küünal

Dramaturgical support, project management

Hanna Kritten Tangsoo, Theodore Parker

Thank you

Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Floratrade OÜ, Akzo Nobel Baltics




5.12.2020, Kanuti Gildi SAAL