Fragile beauty

With the production “Fragile beauty”, Fine5 Dance Theater undertakes a journey into the deeper territory of the body-mind, beyond the superficial layers of thought and movement, to explore the pulsation of the human pulse of life in its fragile stage. With the right to be changeable, different and to draw special beauty from it.

According to choreographer Tiina Ollesk, the source of inspiration for the creation was observing a body influenced by Parkinsonism: “Looking at my mother, how her mind works, how her body moves and works, I noticed something very eloquent and beautiful about her being different. At this fragile stage, the peculiarity of spirit and physique meet the wisdom of life and the naturalness, which inspired me as a choreographer. The aim of the production is not to copy or reproduce the manifestations of Parkinsonism on stage, rather the creative process took us away from many images of the usual dance landscape in order to find a different language of movement text.

It is also important for me that the dancers participating in the production are personalities with deeper life and stage experience. I believe that this journey encourages us all to see that the art of dance is rich and can be accepted in our culture as a serious creative means of expression for an adult, mature person. “

This production of Fine5 Dance Theater is for those who notice and trust to watch the living body, the time in us and the fragility of being, because the most wonderful things in this world are both strong and very fragile – nature, human relationships, freedom, the human body.

Tiina Ollesk is lecturer of contemporary dance art at Tallinn University and this production is supported in the frame of creative scholarship of Cultural Endowment (Eesti Kultuurkapital).

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Tiina Ollesk


Helen Reitsnik, Olga Privis, Renee Nõmmik, Simo Kruusement


Kristina Viirpalu-Tudeberg


Valentin Siltsenko




2020, Sakala3 Teatrimaja