soft bone sorcery

„I would rather be a cyborg than a goddess“ Donna Haraway
soft bone sorcery is a mythopoetic dance performance that has been inspired by hand claps, soft martial arts, ecstasy of sorcerers, working class dances, children’s ring games and the physicality of women dancing to pop songs

soft bone sorcery is a magic of secret gatherings that mixes old archetypes with newer bodily architecture. soft bone sorcery is a dance spell of the descendants of technocapitalism. soft bone sorcery is sisterhood

Sveta Grigorjeva is an Estonian director, choreographer, dancer and poet. She has published two collections of poetry and made several dance productions. Danced in her own and others’ work.

ETA Company offers professional young dancers starting their dance career the opportunity to participate in the process of creating dance performances together with well-known and recognized authors in the dance field. For example, Joonas Tageli’s “A Good Run” and Rūta Ronja Pakalne’s “AMIMOVING” have been shown on the stage by ETA Company.

Sveta Grigorjeva

Idea, concept, staging:

Sveta Grigorjeva


Karin Aarelaid, Eliisabel Jõela, Eveli Ojasaar, Mariann Onkel, Maria Schotter, Maarja-Liis Uri


Martin Kirsiste

Sound design

Fey Piir


Karolin Tamm

Light Design



August 26th, 2021 in ETA theatre hall, Tallinn