Space in Space

My space → me in this space → our space → you’re watching us in this space

Liisa Laine’s dance performance “Space in Space” changes space – inside us, around us, between us. Looking for ways to play with geometry in our body and movement, ways to respect boundaries yet cross borders, break through light and stay visible. Discover how to make a room spatial and how to place yourself in it.

We start from emptiness. We fill it. With what?

Liisa Laine

Choreographer and director

Gertrud Kuusmaa, Indrek Kornel, Kaisa Kattai, Karoline Suhhov, Kätlin Raja, Pääsu-Liis Kens


Liisa Laine

Sound and costume designer

Mihkel Viinalass

Light Design

Erki Kukk


JK Üritustehnika

Technical implementation

Kaidi Laine


1 hour


March 3rd, 2022, in ETA theatre hall, Tallinn