“supersocial” is a participatory performance of social choreography which examines how social environments influence the formation of free will and staying true to it. Will we stand by these beliefs under social pressure or not? Are the things we believe in when being home alone the same as the ones we find to be true in a larger social setting? How is this influenced by physical distancing? And most importantly, what is worth compromising and how is the current health of our democracy?

The performance creates a pleasant open environment while taking into account the current distancing rules. All participants get to form and define their views on current political and social issues and create a position for themselves with their opinions and actions. “supersocial” provides an opportunity for everyone to become their own social superhero, saving the world just as much as they wish, can or are bothered. Nobody is forced to do anything but on the other hand, nothing will happen if no one takes action.

Every show will take place in a different venue.
Shows are free of charge, preregistration is required!

Toompere and Tõniste are performance artists, they both graduated from the department of choreography in Tallinn University. As a creative team they have so far staged two shows “Plan T” (2018) and “True Skin” (2015). They share an interest in social contexts and implementing responsibility in performing arts.

Toompere lives and works in Berlin where she is also currently studying Socio-economic Communications in Berlin University of Arts (UdK) and this is also where she started “Techno Praxis”, a club dancing and techno music workshop series. Toompere is a founding member of a social business called be.liquid that is challenging business corporations to notice problems in the society and to take more social responsibility.

Tõniste lives and works in Tallinn. As a freelance artist he has worked with production houses and theatres like Kanuti Gildi SAAL, Tartu Uus Teater, Vaba Lava, Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava, Estonian Drama Theatre and many others. He is also a producer at an NGO Vaba Vorm which recently coproduced a sex education performance “How to say yes?”. Tõniste is also a dance and theatre teacher. In the past few years he has also taken up writing and has had some of his short stories published.

Siim Tõniste, Üüve-Lydia Toompere

Authors on-stage

Maryn-Liis Rüütelmaa


Dillon Sutherland

Sound design

Mari Škerin


Henry Kasch

Light design

Kaie Küünal

Project management

Cultural Endowment of Estonia




28.08.2020, Tartu Interdistsiplinaar festival