Yes or Yesn’t

“Yes or Yesn’t” is an internally reflective dance performance that focuses on compromises and feelings in human relationships. Compromises are important elements in both the narrative of the story and the process of building the production. The relationship between the two people and how to cope with common processes, the relationship between speaking and listening, movement and non-movement, the balance between being and non-being are studied. The production does not attempt to provide answers, but is based on decisions such as: whether the compromise is the middle ground, the arithmetic mean, the brown line, or an agreement reached through mutual concession whether it is worth leaving on behalf of others, agreeing that at least someone gets everything whether it is possible to find compromises that satisfy all parties or whether there will always be a loser is this a compromise for me if you lose who is the winner or loser, etc. Who is to blame for a pull between two people that they have never felt before? Why are there completely perceptible feelings that neither of you can formulate or take into account?

More information:

Anita Kurõljova, Richard Beljohin

Choreographer and dancers

Valentin Siltsenko


Tõnis Veelmaa


Kirill Safonov


Ants Kurist

Light Design

80 minutes


2022, Sakala3 Teatrimaja