Indrek Kornel

From 2020 as a regular practice performs spontaneous improvisation on stage with unknown people, often people he met 5 minutes before the show. 

Out of this practice and study has emerged a more set performance framework “L’Empire des lumières”, that is inspired by the process of creating series of paintings with the same name by René Magritte. This performance framework is an ongoing experiment for next 20 years. 

Current research is experimentation and playfulness with creation of different frameworks collectively or in solo processes. All artistic field research is based on Self-Determination Theory (SDT) that represents a broad framework for the study of human motivation and personality.

Currently used conceptual principals (APFA) deriving from the current interests: Awareness (body and space), Presence (internal, external), Focus (process, movement, freedom) and Autonomy (freedom inside a frame).

Indrek Kornel (Tallinn University, Choreography MA) creates space where people can have embodied experiences through tools of choreography, directing, performing and teaching. All works done are influenced by teachings and experiences shared with generous teachers – David Zambrano, Ruth Zaporah, Deborah Lessen.

In addition to more set work has  performed spontaneus improvisation  in Tictac Art Centre (Brussels, Belgium), Laiks dejot festival (Riga, Latvia), Inklingroom Baltic Dance Platform pre-event (Tallinn, Estonia), Dance Lovers festival (San Fransisco, USA), Loona Nights (Dansehallerne, Copenhagen, Denmark), Longing for the Impossible for the Moment it is Real (Royal Danish Academy of Music, Copenhagen, Denmark), Made In Estonia Marathon (Tallinn, Estonia), Zurab Rtveliashvili International performance art festival (Tbilisi, Georgia) and many more to come.


Indrek Kornel has actively choreographed/directed his own works since 2015. His BA graduation working at 2015  “How long have i waited for …” was selected to be performed in Estonian Theatre Festival Draama 2015 part of Curator program. His goal is to create a new full production every 2 years.

Lempire des lumières #2 (2021)

Mu nimi on Xiaodie but you can call me baby (2019)

Waiting (2017)

In addition to his own work he has performed larger roles in the productions of Liisa Laine (Space in space, 2022), Sveta Grigorjeva (Fakerz, 2021), Eva O. & Σofia (Where does the point go when we miss it?, 2021), Kristin Tagam (Predicting the past, 2021), Robert Wilson and Arvo Pärt (Adam’s Passion 2015).

Participating in Productions